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Established by Yıldız Ambalaj, which started its commercial activities and production in 1985, EmarPack completed its investments in 2018 and started its production activities in the field of flexible packaging.

From raw materials to art...

Yıldız Ambalaj produced products needed in the food industry such as waxed butcher paper, laminated paper types, paper bags, packaging papers between 1985 and 1995. It has expanded its product range by producing plastic bags, pastry bags, baklava bags, CPP bags.


With EmarPack, especially with its expertise in flexible packaging and its ability to offer various complex production applications; has accelerated the production of packaging materials for chocolate products, confectionery, dairy products, beverages, dried fruit and snacks, medical equipment, pharmaceutical packaging, hygiene products and pet foods.

It also meets tobacco and industrial packaging applications within its own structure.


In the disposable packaging industry; With its effective and technological machinery, it also successfully produces products such as cream bags and Waxed (Oiled) hamburger paper.


Thanks to our production department equipped with the latest technology, we meet the flexible packaging needs of our customers with innovative solutions. By combining our quality human resources with our developing technology, infrastructure and high equipment investments, we are taking firm steps towards the goal of directing the world packaging industry.

While enriching the knowledge we have gained worldwide in line with the expectations of the end consumer, we continue the privileges we offer in the production process during the after-sales support process.

It aims at maximum customer satisfaction by adopting the flexible manufacturing method with respect to people and the environment, the importance it attaches to technology, the principles of timely delivery and sustainability, young and quality human resources.


We produce "Value" for every moment of life.

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